GCash Mobile

Thursday, Aug 26, 2021

GCash Mobile is a companion iOS application for GNUCash. It uses the GNUCash database to show your data on mobile devices. You can enter your spendings while on the go and import your transactions to GNU Cash when ready.

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How to Use 2023

How to Use

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  • Support for SQLite database format of GNUCash.
  • Access your GNU Cash databases on mobile devices (iPhone internal storage).
  • Access your GNU Cash databases on mobile devices (iCloud).
  • Access your GNU Cash databases on mobile devices (Dropbox).
  • Import your GNU Cash databases from any location, even encrypted volumes.
  • Favourite accounts to get instant access to transactions and balances.
  • Create transactions directly on the mobile device.
  • Export transactions in GNU Cash compatible format.
  • Display account balances in the primary currency of your DB
  • Protect application with Face ID.
  • Add support for autocompletion like in the original GNUCash application.
  • Add new accounts to the DB.
  • Edit transactions created in GNU Cash Desktop directly on mobile device.
  • Support for multicurrency transactions.
  • Basic reports to analyze your data on the go.
  • Multi database support.
  • Support for transaction templates.
  • Support for quick actions.

Keep in mind that this is a very young application. Most of the features of the original GNUCash application are not implemented, be patient. Do not hesitate to contact me to add new features to the application.